Ivory Unveiled specializes in a Month of Directing package that brings in creative management and wedding organization in that crucial last month before your big day.

On the day of your wedding, we ensure your plans are carried out smoothly and discreetly handle any problems that may arise. Every bride needs someone unrelated to her and the wedding to uphold her vision, vouch for her preferences, and to help in coordinating schedules, meeting vendors, directing guests, managing the ceremony, and ensuring that deadlines are met, and expectations managed.. In the end, we pull the pieces of the puzzle together for you – your way!

At its core, Ivory Unveiled is about supporting you, your needs, and your vision, at every stage in your wedding planning process.  When you hand over your wedding stress to us, you can focus on what matters most. We’ll see to it that your day, happens your way!

 What can we do for your wedding? The following is a brief overview of some of the tasks Ivory Unveiled will handle leading up to and on the day of your wedding: 


2-3 Months Prior

Create a wedding-day timeline with bride & groom

Review and confirm planned logistics

Update & review any arrangements made with wedding vendors

Provide etiquette advice

Make vendor recommendations, as needed


Ceremony Management

Set up/distribute personal decor items

Ensure ceremony vendors have arrived, provide direction (florists, musicians, etc.)

Ensure designated attendants arrive on time and provide direction

Coordinate with the ceremony officiator and musicians to determine signals or cues that will begin the ceremony

Handle any emergencies that may arise

Line up & cue musicians & wedding party


Reception Management

Keep vendors & guests on schedule

Distribute final payments and gratuities to vendors

Prevent and fix any problems that may arise during the event

Collect gifts and personal items

Coordinate formal send-off

Ensure room design is set up accordingly, complete as needed